Municipal Site Work Authorization

Here are the process steps that New Brighton requires for municipal site work.  In general, the process is as follows:

Applications: Please fill out the Municipal Site Work Application and submit this along with corresponding plans to [email protected]. After all of the materials have been sent the city will send the necessary plans to a third-party consultant (KLM) to get a quote for the work. The signed application, fees/escrow, and plans must all be submitted before reviews can begin, payments may be taken either over the phone, online, or as a check. All Water Tower project applications must include an accurate and complete description of all work being proposed, and include the associated plan sets (electronic preferred).

Plan Review: City staff will perform an initial review of submittals. If complete, you’ll be assigned a PZE case # for the project. KLM, who performs third-party reviews, will be provided the plans, and you’ll be directed to work with a City attorney on a new lease agreement. Any project status questions must have the case # included and can be answered by our Permit Tech. Any correspondence between KLM and you must be communicated to City staff. KLM is given approximately 3 weeks to complete their part of the review. Once all plans are reviewed and approved and the lease is agreed on, your building permit can be issued (if applicable) and you can then schedule a pre-construction meeting for your Municipal Site Work case number.

Pre-Construction Meeting:  The pre-construction meeting is then set up for the applicant, KLM, and Public Works. Special inspections will be scheduled, and work may proceed.

Finalization: Once the project is complete, KLM will send an invoice for their work referencing the PZE case #.