Drone Program


Public Safety Departments across the State of Minnesota utilize the advancements in unmanned aerial vehicle/system (UAV/UAS or “drone”) technology.  UAVs serve to assist in search and rescue, fire scene assessment and investigation, large area crime scene investigations and other benefits to overall public safety.  The New Brighton Department of Public Safety has added this capability to the community in an effort to provide the best public safety services possible to our community while also balancing the privacy needs of the community.

Pursuant to Minnesota State Statue 626.19 as well as NBDPS Policy, members shall not use a UAS without a search warrant except in the following circumstances;

  • During or in the aftermath of an emergency situation or disaster that involves the risk of death or bodily harm to a person.
  • Over a public event where there is a heightened risk to the safety of participants or bystanders.
  • To counter the risk of a terrorist attack by a specific individual or organization if the agency determines that credible intelligence indicates a risk.
  • To prevent the loss of life or property in natural or man-made disasters and to facilitate operation planning, rescue, and recovery operations.
  • To conduct a threat assessment in anticipation of a specific event.
  • To collect information from a public area if there is reasonable suspicion of criminal activity.
  • To collect information for crash reconstruction purposes after a serious or deadly collision occurring on a public road.
  • Over a public area for officer training or public relations purposes.
  • For purposes unrelated to law enforcement at the request of a government entity, provided the request is in writing and specifies the reason for the request and a proposed period of use.

Additional Information

Monthly Flight Reports

The monthly drone flight reports are provided as information to the community to ensure a high level of transparency.

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