Staff Record Destruction Report Forms

State law requires that the City maintain records regarding document destruction. Staff members should use the Record Retention Schedule for MN Cities (PDF) to identify the lifecycle of documents in their possession. Paper and electronic files should be reviewed at least annually and records at the end of their lifecycle should be destroyed. Staff members should complete and submit a Record Retention Form before destroying any documents (paper or electronic) in their possession. (Please note duplicate copies and transitory records may be deleted without completing this form.)

To begin completing the form, use the Record Retention Schedule section for your document type.

  • Administration, Attorney, and Contracts Sections
  • Assessing and Building Inspections Sections
  • Bonds, Finance, HRA/EDA, and Insurance Sections
  • Elections and Records Management Sections
  • Fire Section
  • Human Resources and Payroll Sections
  • Parks and Recreation Section
  • Permits/Licenses Section
  • Planning and Public Works (Engineering) Sections
  • Public Works (Maintenance/Ops) and Waste Management Sections
  • Police Section
  • Utilities Section

Please contact the City Clerk or Deputy Clerk with any questions you have.