Economic Development

Aerial View of New BrightonCOVID-19 Updates

In response to the business closures due to COVID-19, the City of New Brighton will keep an updated list of resources that can assist local businesses through the closures and re-openings.

Resources for Businesses

The Department of Community Assets and Development (DCAD) oversees economic development issues and concerns in New Brighton. Some development occurs on its own and some through the encouragement and assistance of City staff and financing strategies. DCAD staff works with elected officials, advisory commissions, citizens, and businesses to develop plans designed to build and maintain a healthy residential and business environment.

For more information, call 651-638-2059 or email Ben Gozola, Assistant Director of the Department of Community Assets and Development.

Part of the City's responsibilities include connecting businesses to other resources including the following.

Open To Business provides assistance in such areas as start-up and expansion financing, business plan development, licensing, zoning and regulatory issues, and financial management. Open To Business can respond to requests for business assistance when those requests are beyond the range of the services normally provided by your municipal agencies.

For more information, please email Luis Mendoza or call 651-216-6252. View office hours.

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