Utility Billing

New Brighton Water TowerUtility Billing in New Brighton

The City operates three utilities - Water, Sewer, and Stormwater. The Finance Department is responsible for utility billing. If you would like to make a payment over the phone, please call 855-667-0983 (there are no additional fees to pay over the phone or with a credit card). If you have any questions regarding your utility bill, please call 651-638-2129 or use our contact form.

Moving In or Out?

We have a form for that! Please fill out the Moving Form for City Utilities.

Utility Bill Financial Assistance

The Utility Financial Assistance Policy is designed to give limited financial relief to low-income single-family homeowners' water and sewer bill. It is recognized that some homeowners could experience long-term reductions in their personal income due to economic downturns, job loss, etc. As such, the Utility Financial Assistance does not have a benefit expiration date as long as applicants continue to meet eligibility requirements. Find out if you qualify.

New Brighton's "Change for the Better"

The "Change for the Better" program collects "change" to be used for improvements to New Brighton parks, Parks and Recreation program scholarships, or Parks and Recreation program enhancements. Participants in this program authorize the city to round up their quarterly utility bills to the nearest dollar or add a fixed donation amount. To enroll in this program, please complete the Change for the Better Form.


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