Soliciting Permits

The City of New Brighton requires a soliciting permit prior to conducting door-to-door sales. The permit requirement does not apply to candidates for political office, cub scouts, or girl scouts. If someone comes to your door selling items and they do not provide you with a permit issued by the City of New Brighton, call 911 and an officer will attempt to locate the individual.

Any person or business is required to display the permit to anyone who requests to see it. The permit will be printed on New Brighton Department of Public Safety letterhead and it will indicate the possessor had a background check and paid the requisite permit fee.

The Following Businesses Currently Possess a Valid Solicitors Permit:

  • Art and Rug Express-888 West County Road D (Valid Months of July and September)
  • Legacy Restoration-Valid September 29-October 29

Section 20 of the New Brighton City Code requires any of the following to possess a valid solicitors to permit which is obtained from the New Brighton Public Safety Center located at 785 Old Highway 8 NW:

  • Handbill Distributor: A person who engages in the distribution of advertising matters other than by means of the United States mail.
  • Newspaper: Published matter that consists of at least sixty % news items and no more than forty % advertising.
  • Peddler: A person with no fixed place of business who goes from house to house, place to place, or street to the street carrying or transporting goods, wares, or merchandise and offering or exposing them for sale, or making sales and deliveries to purchasers.
  • Solicitor: A person who goes from house to house, place to place, or street to street soliciting, taking, or attempting to take orders for goods, wares, or merchandise including books, periodicals, magazines, or personal property of any nature for future delivery. "Solicitor" does not include a person taking or attempting to take orders to be filled by goods, wares, or merchandise delivered to the purchaser from other states.
  • Transient Merchant: A person who engages temporarily in the business of selling and delivering goods, wares, or merchandise within the City, and who for this purpose, hires, leases, uses or occupies any building, structure, or vacant lot, motor vehicle.