Emergency Management

Emergency TrailersAbout New Brighton Emergency Management

New Brighton's Emergency Management is coordinated through the New Brighton Department of Public Safety. Subject to Minnesota Statutes and City Ordinances the essential functions of emergency management are overseen by the staff of the NBDPS. For more information contact Deputy Director Trevor Hamdorf.


To enhance the ability of the Public Safety Department to provide for the needs of our residents and businesses during a disaster we recognize the importance of the four phases of emergency management; Preparation, Response, Recovery, and Mitigation and constantly work with other partners to make the City more disaster resilient. The City maintains a fully functional dedicated Emergency Operations Center which is utilized during any incident requiring emergency management support.


To further enhance Public Safety Department's emergency management capabilities it has four personnel assigned to the Minnesota All-Hazards Incident Management Team who have special training and experience in managing everything from local to national level disasters. These personnel respond to other communities and States and provide direct assistance in managing an event. Our staff gains a tremendous amount of experience as a result of these deployments which directly improves our ability to manage a disaster that affects the City of New Brighton.

Emergency Operations Plan

Ramsey County is the most densely populated county in Minnesota and one of the most densely populated in the nation. The County maintains a plan that will provide an effective response to emergencies and disasters. Advanced planning, organizing, and training are necessary to minimize the effects of all emergency and disaster situations. The Ramsey County Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) contains the process for managing major emergencies that threaten the health, safety, property, and resources within the county. Municipalities are given the option to adopt the county EOP or develop their own.  The City of New Brighton has adopted Ramsey County’s EOP.