Traffic Stop Data

New Brighton residents regularly tell us that neighborhood speeding is a concern to them. Therefore, our police officers focus on traffic safety enforcement, especially at locations throughout New Brighton that historically have high volumes of motor vehicle crashes.

In early 2017, the New Brighton Department of Public Safety (NBDPS) joined with other Ramsey County law enforcement agencies to begin voluntarily collecting traffic stop data. New Brighton initiated this effort to increase transparency and provide more context to the limited amount of information than was previously captured. Minnesota law does not require the collection of this information. Starting in January 2017, New Brighton officers began recording the following data on every traffic stop:

  • Perceived race of the driver
  • Gender of the driver
  • Whether the driver was searched
  • Whether the vehicle was searched
  • The reason for the traffic stop (moving violation, equipment violation, investigative, or the result of a 911 call

NBDPS provides the below summary graphics of our data collection pertaining to the perceived race of the driver and the reason for the traffic stop. More information about the City of New Brighton and demographics are available on the About page.

Several important questions are not answered by this data collection effort:

  1. Demographic information of drivers who reside in the City of New Brighton.
  2. Demographic information of drivers who reside elsewhere but travel through New Brighton.
  3. Demographic information of drivers who either commit a moving violation and/or have an equipment deficiency on their vehicle; this report lists only those who were stopped by police.

Total 2022 Traffic Stops: 2251

Traffic Stops By Perceived Race
Perceived RaceNumber of StopsPercentage of Stops
Native American70.31%

Traffic Stops By Perceived Gender
GenderNumberPercentage of Total

Traffic Stop By Primary Reason For Stop
Reason For StopNumberPercentage of Total
Moving Violation159770.95%
Equipment Violation48421.50%
911 Call10.04%

Vehicle/Person Searches
SearchNumberPercentage of Total
No Search2,04490.81%
Person Searched1054.66%
Vehicle Searched1024.53%

Traffic Stops by Perceived Race By Ambient Light Conditions
Ambient Light ConditionsWhiteBlackLatinoAsianNative AmericanOther

Reason for Traffic Stop By Ambient Light Conditions
Ambient Light ConditionMovingEquipmentInvestigate

Percent of Person Searches By Perceived Race
WhiteBlackLatinoAsianNative AmericanOtherNot Searched

Percent of Vehicle Searches By Perceived Race
WhiteBlackLatinoAsianNative AmericanOtherNot Searched

Traffic Stop Disposition By Perceived Race

WhiteBlackLatinoAsianNative AmericanOther
Citation Issued4.89%6.62%2.13%0.31%0.00%0.76%
Warning Issued31.81%29.99%6.04%3.60%0.27%3.02%

Due to Rounding Percentage May Not Add Up to 100%

2022 Traffic Stops Map