Catalytic Converter Marking

The New Brighton Police have partnered with two local auto body shops, Brighton Unique Auto and Honest1, to provide catalytic converter marking.

A catalytic converter is a pollution control device, often located on the underside of a vehicle, that breaks down harmful contaminants in the gas exhaust before they are released into the air. These converters are made up of precious platinum group metals that thieves target to sell as scrap metal. In only a few minutes, a thief can remove a converter with common work tools. The replacement and repair for the converter can cost thousands of dollars and take extensive time to get parts for the repair.

To mark your catalytic converter, a mechanic will etch your vehicle's VIN and paint it with high visibility, high-temperature paint to track the part and deter theft.

Visit the Brighton Unique Auto website.

Visit the Honest1 New Brighton website.