Adopt a Park or Garden

Volunteers Cleaning up a ParkThank you for your commitment to the New Brighton Community. The Adopt a Park or Garden program is designed to encourage partnerships between citizen groups and the New Brighton Parks and Recreation Department to help maintain and enhance parks and gardens in our community. It is a fun, educational, and worthwhile program that allows groups and individuals to take an active role in the beautification of our community.

Adopt a Park Volunteer Commitment

Pick up litter in and around your adopted site at least four times per year. Commitment is for one year. Responsibilities will include picking up paper, cans, broken glass (when this can be done safely), other garbage and placing it in trash bags. You are welcome to perform beautification or service projects upon proper approval, (i.e. planting flowers, wood chipping paths, painting picnic tables or benches).

Adopt a Garden Volunteer Commitment

Initial work may take 1-3 hours, depending on how you choose to beautify your site. Groups should clear their garden of weeds, litter, etc. If your site needs additional plants, the city will provide additional perennials to fill in the site. After the initial planting, you can visit your garden as little or as often as needed to maintain the site. We ask you visit a minimum of once per month during the growing season, typically May – October, to water and maintain your garden.

Our Commitments

We will support your group's efforts, as well as provide bags and dispose of the trash you collect, plants as approved by the Parks Superintendant, and other materials necessary to complete your task.


The program depends upon the common sense and responsibility of individual participants. No power tools such as lawnmowers, tractors or chain saws are permitted to be used by volunteers. Participants shall hold the city harmless for injury or property damage that might have been prevented by their actions.

Adopt a Park or Garden Application

View Map below to see sites available to adopt. (Sites marked in grey are already adopted.)

Questions? Email Tillery Bailey, Recreation Specialist 

Thank You to All Our Park Adopters!

  • Totem Pole - Friendchips and Guac
  • Hansen - Safran Test Cells
  • Freedom - Freedom Park Neighbors
  • Lions - Cardiovascular Systems Inc
  • Creekview - Amy Wakem State Farm
  • Silver Oaks - Windsor Green Neighbors
  • Veterans - Shelby Johnson