Sanitary Sewers

The City of New Brighton strives to promote a healthful and attractive environment by collecting all sewage from existing and projected development in a sanitary and economic manner. The Public Works Department maintains approximately 70 miles of sewer main, 5 lift stations, and over 1,500 manholes. Treatment of New Brighton wastewater is handled on a metropolitan level by the Metropolitan Council Environmental Service Area Number 2.

It is the City's objective to provide sewer lines of adequate size to handle existing and future sewage flows. We inspect, clean and maintain the sewer system to minimize sewer backups and other system problems. New Brighton attempts to eliminate any infiltration/inflow problems in the sanitary sewer system and meet or exceed standards set by the Metropolitan Waste Control Commission.

Treatment costs and the cost of maintaining the City's system of trunk and laterals are paid for by the sanitary sewer utility. Customers are billed quarterly and the sanitary sewer is based on the metered water used during the winter quarter. For billing questions go to the Utility Billing page or you can email utilities

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  1. Sewer Backup Checklist

A detailed list of things to do if your sewer backs up: If you notice water or sewage backing up into your home, call the City immediately. Call 651-638-2111 during the day, or 911 after hours or if you do not get a response from the City number. City workers are trained to respond and may stop further damage to property.

  1. If you experience a sewer backup call Public Works at 651-638-2111 from 8 am to 4:30 pm on weekdays or call 651-767-0640 after regular hours and on weekends as soon as possible, even if the problem is not located on the city's sewer main. The City wants to check the sewer mains for items that may be cut loose and pushed into the City system, which could cause a new plug.
  2. Begin the clean-up as promptly as possible. The city will report the backup to the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust (LMCIT) and an adjuster will contact you shortly. In the meantime, don't delay beginning the clean-up. For health and safety reasons, you may wish to use a commercial service rather than doing the clean-up yourself. A list of firms that do this type of work is located under carpet cleaners in the yellow pages. Please note that the City of New Brighton doesn't require, endorse, or recommend the use of any particular firm.
  3. Notify your own insurance company. In many cases, your homeowner's or other insurance will cover some or all of the costs and damages from a sewer backup. The LMCIT adjuster will also ask you for information on your own insurance.
  4. Make a list of the items that were damaged or destroyed. Include as much information as you can on the description, age, and value of each item. Purchase receipts are helpful if they're available. If possible, it's helpful to take photographs of any damaged items that you dispose of. Keep receipts for any clean-up or repair work you have done.

If you have questions or if you don't hear from the LMCIT adjuster, contact the Public Works Department at 651-638-2111.

  1. No-Fault Insurance
  1. Sewer Back-Ups