Planning & Zoning

The City has a Zoning Code and a Comprehensive Plan to ensure safe and orderly development and compatible land uses. All commercial and industrial projects, multi-family housing projects, and single-family residential building and remodeling projects are reviewed according to the Zoning Code as part of a land use approval or building permit review process. Exceptions and lot revisions or subdivisions must also be reviewed by the City's Planning Commission.

For information on the division or combination of land, reference Chapter 26 of the Municipal Code. Depending on the specifics of your project, a land use approval may be necessary. Please email Ben Gozola or call 651-638-2059 for further information about the land use approval process.

Sign permits are also required for construction of new signs and sometimes the modification of existing signs. Some temporary signs also require a permit. Please ensure the appropriate permit below is complete prior to use of either a permanent or temporary sign. Any questions or concerns related to signs should be directed to the Community Development Department.

Midtown Village Development

The developers working on the former New Brighton Elementary site and surrounding lands, Dominium and Pulte, have successfully submitted a complete application for a Preliminary Planned Residential Development. The development is being referred to as "Midtown Village," and the files are ready for public review. Learn more about Midtown Village.

New Brighton 2040 Comprehensive Plan

In 2019, the City of New Brighton completed the process of updating the City's Comprehensive Plan, New Brighton 2040, a long-range plan that will help define and guide future growth and development of the community. View the Comprehensive Plan (PDF) or the Comprehensive Plan with Appendices (PDF).

The New Brighton Exchange

The goals of the project are to clean up environmental contamination from former industries, expand job opportunities, improve the tax base, create more housing choices, and help maintain New Brighton's image as a great place to live and work. Learn more about the New Brighton Exchange.