Solar Photovoltaic Inspection Checklist

Solar PanelsThis checklist is modeled after the framework provided by the Great Plains Institute, the Solar ABCs, and the best practices of the Solsmart Program.

Instructions: Submit all required information on this checklist, plans, and accompanying information with online application.

Checklist Items:

  • Permit Record Number
  • Job Address
  • Manufacturer's specifications for the inverter
  • Manufacturer's specifications for the module
  • Manufacturer's specifications for the optimizer (if used)
  • Verification that the racking system grounding and bonding is listed
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Inspection Categories

  1. PV Inverter
  • Is the photovoltaic (PV) system utility-interactive or standalone? 690.2
  • Is all the equipment listed for PV application? 690.4
  • Is the system grounded or ungrounded? (if ungrounded, the system needs to comply with 690.35)
  • Has DC Ground-Fault Protection been provided and properly labeled? 690.5 and 690.35(C)
  • What is the maximum PV system voltage? 690.7
  • Is all listed equipment rated for the maximum voltage? 690.7
  • Determine the maximum circuit current for the PV Source and Output Circuit; Inverter Output Circuit; Stand-Alone Inverter Input Circuit; and DC to DC Converter Output (refer to inverter documentation)

See the NEC Labeling Requirements (PDF).

  1. Wiring Methods & Disconnecting Means
  1. System Grounding
  1. Interconnection