Safety Glass

View the Safety Glass Handout (PDF).

General Code Information

The areas considered to be hazardous requiring tempered glass are:

  • Glass in any door, guards or railings, including all infill parts of guards and railings
  • Glass within 24 inches of either side of a door when less than 60 inches above the floor
  • Glass in fixed or operable panels that meet all of the following conditions:
    • Bottom edge is less than 18 inches above floor
    • Top edge is more than 36 inches above floor
    • One or more walking surfaces are within 36 inches horizontally in a straight line of the glass
    • Total area of glass is more than 9 square feet
  • Where the bottom of edge of glass is less than 60 inches above a standing surface and drain outlet of any bathtub, shower, hot tub, steam room or sauna. Exception: Glass more than 60 inches horizontally from the water's edge
  • Glass adjacent to stairs and ramps where the bottom exposed edge is less than 36 inches above walking surface of stairs, landings between flights of stairs and ramps
  • Glass adjacent to landings at the bottom of a stairway when the glass is less than 36 inches above the landing and within 60 inches horizontally of the bottom stair tread. Exception: When the glass is protected by a guard complying with R312