New Brighton 2040 Park & Trail System Master Plan

2040 Parks & Trails System PlanThe City of New Brighton has developed an updated master plan for the city-wide parks, trails and recreation programs. The New Brighton 2040 Park & Trail System Master Plan replaces the prior 2009 Parks, Recreation and Trails Strategic Plan. 

The content of the planning document is the direct result of a year-long planning study that included numerous methods of community engagement and is aligned with the city goals established in the 2040 Comprehensive Plan, as  follows:

  1. Strengthen Community Connections
  2. Create Spaces to Gather & Interact
  3. Celebrate Parks as Neighborhood Activity Centers
  4. Create a Sense of Place and Feeling of Community
  5. Safe, Comfortable & Attractive Streets
  6. Sustain Fiscal & Environmental Responsibility

The 2040 Park & Trail System Master Plan is a comprehensive document that identifies a long-range planning vision and goals for the next 20 years related to parks, trails and programming in order to meet the current and future needs of its residents. The master plan is a living document that is meant to provide guidance related to improvements, developments, programming, maintenance, and operations by identifying recommendations and priorities for implementation. It is recommended that the priorities be reviewed and adjusted on a routine basis to remain in alignment with evolving community needs and opportunities. The master plan identifies numerous goals and recommendations, and while it is likely not feasible to implement all of the master plan recommendations within the next 20 years, the document sets a framework for the city to make strategic investments and partnerships that will have the greatest benefit to the city and its residents.

Park & Trail System Master Plan Document
Section 1 – Executive Summary
Section 2 – Assessment of Need
Section 3 – Vision
Section 4 – Park System Plan
Section 5 – Trail System Plan
Section 6 – Implementation Plan
Section 7 – Appendix 

Community Input 
The planning process included numerous methods for the community to be involved throughout the planning and decision-making process to ensure the plan was aligned with current community needs and desires. The following is a link to access a short community survey to provide additional input regarding the 2040 New Brighton Park & Trail System Master Plan. Please read through the master plan and provide the city with feedback. If you want a quick overview of the master plan we recommend starting with the Executive Summary which summarizes the larger document.  

The City of New Brighton will also be holding a public open house meeting to present and discuss the 2040 Park & Trail System Master Plan in the near future. Please stay tuned for information on meeting details.