2022 Sanitary Sewer Lining

City Project 21-4, 2022 Sanitary Sewer Lining

Project Location

Project Schedule

Cleaning/Televising/Measuring: May 2nd – May 6th  

CIPP Lining Process: May 23rd – May 27th

Manhole Rehabilitation and Service Lateral Lining: June 1st – June 22nd


About the Project

The City of New Brighton has awarded a contract to Insituform Technologies USA, Inc., to improve the mainline sanitary sewer pipe that serves the above neighborhood. The existing sanitary sewer is a clay pipe that has become prone to root intrusion and groundwater infiltration, which leads to unnecessary and expensive treatment of “clean” water. There are no assessments to affected properties for this work, as it is funded as part of our quarterly sanitary sewer charges.


Trenchless Technology

The project will utilize trenchless technology which includes installation of resin lining inside the existing clay pipe, known as cured in place pipe (CIPP), creating a new smooth-surfaced, long-lasting pipe within a pipe. Access to the sewer will be obtained by using the existing manholes located in the alleys/rear yards of properties included in the project corridor. The benefits of trenchless technology and CIPP are that the work can be completed without time consuming, expensive, and disruptive excavation to the alleys and streets. The project will also include installation of short lateral service liners where private sewer services connect to the sewer mains.

 During the liner curing process, you may smell an odor from the resin used for the lining pipe. If you smell it, your sanitary traps could be dry. Please run a small amount of water in seldom-used sinks and pour water into your basement floor drains. This will refill the trap and help prevent smells entering your home. 


Service Disruption and Notification

Although the sewer lining process is far less intrusive, sewer service disruptions are still required during the project. Residents and business owners should expect two separate half-day disruptions to their sewer service which will coordinated by the contractor. Door hangers will be provided a minimum of 24-hours in advance informing you of the time and date of your service outage period. During these service outages, the sewer service to your property will be completely sealed off. Consequently, we will need cooperation from property owners to make zero use of water, which includes toilets, showers, sinks, and laundry facilities. We recognize that this is a great inconvenience, however it is unavoidable. 



If you have any questions or want further information, please contact any of the project contacts listed below.

Project Contacts

Steven Toso
Site Representative
(651) 638-2053

Dustin Lind
Engineering Supervisor
(651) 638-2055

Craig Schlichting
Director of DCAD
(651) 638-2056