Multi Family (3+ units) Rental Licensing

Miniature House Next to a KeyThe intent of the Multi-Family Licensing Program in New Brighton is to:

  • Promote the health, safety, and welfare of the general public
  • Assure preservation of the existing housing supply
  • Help maintain property values
  • Work toward eliminating substandard and deteriorating rental housing
  • Maintain a living environment that contributes to healthful individual and family living

In General

  • Each multi-family building with three or more rental dwelling units shall obtain a license before any unit in the building or complex is rented out.
  • Regular licenses will be issued for a period of one year, and provisional licenses will be issued for a period of six months.
  • All units, regardless of their initial expiration date, are required to renew their license during the City’s annual renewal period (Jan 1 through Feb 28th). Applications for renewal are due by the end of the last business day prior to January 15th of any given year. Early applications are encouraged and preferred. Renewal applications received after the deadline will be subject to late fees as required by code.
  • Renewal applications will be processed during the annual renewal period for the following year’s license. Building owners will not be penalized if City schedules dictate that physical inspections are delayed until the subsequent licensing year.
  • Ownership changes require tenant and City notification at the time of sale click here for more information

If you have any questions about the City of New Brighton’s Multi-Family Licensing Program, please contact our code compliance officer at (651) 638-2061, or Email Scott Gigrich 

Rental License Application
Tenant Notification Information
Ordinance 878 Tenant Notifications
Recycling Information
Short Term Rental Application

Per City Code Chapter 15, Article 3, no person shall be allowed to occupy or rent a multi-family dwelling unless a license for such has been granted by the City. This Chapter outlines the process staff will follow on a yearly basis to complete the licensing process, and the procedures we will follow if and or when a property falls into provisional status.